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48 Bar Jigs

For violin / other folk instruments or viola

By Helen Bell

Every ceilidh band I've ever played in has had a 48 bar jig shortage, relative to the number of dances requiring 48 bar jigs. So I've started writing some new ones.

The first set of ten is now available, written as five sets of two tunes (although you can mix and match them with other tunes as you like, of course). The download includes scores with melody and chords for each tune, as well as optional basslines, and demo recordings of each tune played all the way through.

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Includes both alto and treble clef versions

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Treble clef melody Treble clef with bass part Alto clef melody Alto clef with bass part

More info

The original version was written for violin and other instruments with the same range, as these are the melody instruments that usually appear in ceilidh bands.

I had requests for alto clef versions from several violists who wanted to play the tunes too, so these are also included. (Note: they can't be played at the same time as the ceilidh band version, as the keys are different!)

Both treble and alto clef versions come with optional bass parts - suitable for cello or bass in the ceilidh band version, and cello only in the viola version.

The tunes were written to be played in pairs. The pairings are:

The Spruce in September / Larchwork
The Relentless / Chartreusey
Lost in Prague II / Underground Mint Fence
It Doesn't Work Like That / Send More Tea
Hardened Snails / The Road to Argleton

Demo Videos

Here are videos of some of the tunes played on the viola.