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Helen Bell

Helen Bell

Helen Bell is a singer-songwriter, composer and violist. Her formative musical experiences included making up “songs” with her sister in the back of the car during long journeys (with apologies to their parents*), and sticking a £5 guitar pickup to the bridge of her viola with blu-tack when her family was out, working out which hole in the stereo to plug the other end into and playing along very loudly to the Beatles’ White Album (with apologies to the neighbours).

Previously a member of folk groups Ola (BBC Young Folk Award finalists in 2000), Niblik, the Berry Tree Band, and a variety of ceilidh bands, she now runs a website which helps violists to access traditional music (, and publishes arrangements of traditional tunes (, as well as her own compositions which are published here on Petrichordia.

Helen studied Music at the University of York, where she developed a taste for playing gamelan and continued her interests in electroacoustic composition and studio recording.

She has released a solo album and two EPs of original songs, and is one half of electric indie-folk duo Tin Minnow.


* They had admirably high tolerance for a cappella Dadaist progressive rock performed on repeat by two children.

Sheet Music by Helen Bell

Tendrils - sheet music for ten viola duets


Two violas

A set of ten folk-influenced viola duets.

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Round the Back of Dandelion Street - sheet music for viola

Round the Back of Dandelion Street

Solo viola

A collection of 34 original tunes written in the folk traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland, and beyond.PDF digital sheet music, A4 print-friendly format.

In alto clef, with chord symbols for accompanist.

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Midnight on Platform 16B - sheet music for viola, violin or cello

Midnight on Platform 16B

Solo viola, violin or cello

A collection of 38 original tunes written in the folk traditions of the British Isles and beyond. Available as PDF digital sheet music or an A4 printed book. Full colour collage illustrations throughout.

Available for viola, violin or cello.

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Five Pieces for Viola and Piano - sheet music

Five Pieces for Viola and Piano

Viola and piano with optional violin/viola II

Extended arrangements of five of the tunes in my tunebook, Midnight on Platform 16B. They are written for viola and piano, and there is an optional violin / second viola counterpoint part (played in the recordings on electric guitar).

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48 bar jigs for ceilidh bands - sheet music

48 Bar Jigs

Solo violin / other folk instruments, or solo viola

Ten newly composed 48 bar jigs for ceilidh bands, suitable for violin, accordion, mandolin, tenor banjo etc. Also available as a viola version (transposed down a fifth, in alto clef).

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